In defining a typical cybersecurity technology platform, it may be easier to describe the common characteristics of this type of application. In looking at the technology behind cybersecurity, there are certain elements that are typical of all platforms, regardless of the brand or manufacturer.

Coverage must be complete

One essential characteristic of cybersecurity applications is that they must provide protection at every point in the communication process. This means protecting devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and various mobile devices, as well as extending protection to servers, both physical and virtual. Taking it a step further, these platforms should also protect cloud storage accounts against breaches.

The three phases of cybersecurity protection

Every cybersecurity platform should be capable of performing three distinct tasks in providing protection to your system. First, it should provide prevention, identifying threats before they affect your system. Secondly, the platform should be able to detect a breach or infection in the system, which will lead to the third step. The final responsibility of any cybersecurity platform is to respond to existing threats. The application should isolate the threat and be capable of eradicating it from the system.

Customization is becoming more important

While this was not always a concern, the range of devices on the market is increasing the need for a customization of services. Each individual has his own needs. One person may only have a desktop computer that needs protection, while another individual may have a laptop, smartphone, and cloud storage accounts that will all need coverage. A broader range of options is necessary to give each user the exact protection he or she needs.

A centralized interface

The best cybersecurity platforms will feature an interface that allows the user to utilize the application’s services from a single management tool. From prevention to eradicating threats, a centrally managed interface makes the cybersecurity application more efficient and easier for users to understand. Additionally, the interface should allow users to export reports and data to other programs, so the information gathered can be used and shared.

Cybersecurity platforms are continuously evolving, but, even as they change, the features listed here should be a part of any application. They are the most basic needs that need to be met in any cybersecurity platform, particularly in an age where cybercrime is becoming more prevalent. Users need to feel confident that their cybersecurity platforms are providing complete protection, while also feeling comfortable in the use of the application.