We have seen the future and the future is artificial intelligence (AI). As the emerging field of AI begins to take hold, there are five companies leading the way into the future of this innovative technology. Although it is likely you are already familiar with most, if not all, of those listed below, it is imperative we highlight exactly how they are striving to make headway in the realm of artificial intelligence.

GOOGLE: It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed technology over the last decade that Google is one of the leaders in AI. Google has seen the future and began investing in AI research years ago in an effort to stay ahead of its competitors. Consumers have benefitted from Google’s willingness to be a frontrunner of this fluid technology, as we have seen the likes of Google Photos and Google Assistant already come out of this laser focus on research and development. As a company that is rapidly expanding and facing challenges finding qualified engineers to handle the workload, Google has launched a cloud platform focused on coaching everyday users and developers through the process.

DEEPMIND: This offshoot of Google deserves its own recognition on this list due to its sole focus on research. One of its most significant accomplishments to date was its defeat of the globally-recognized best Go players, proving that computers can indeed be smarter than humans when programmed with the correct tools.

MICROSOFT: Known as a traditional software company, one would not expect Microsoft to be entering the game of AI. However, in recent years, the tech giant has ramped up its research and development to make Windows compatible with AI in the future. The company’s Azure Machine Learning Workbench is marketed as an alternative to Google’s patented AutoML program.

IBM: Like Microsoft, IBM has its roots in traditional computing but is leading the way in AI innovation nonetheless. After all, it was IBM who created the original AI robot, Watson. IBM is hopeful that businesses looking to use AI in its applications will choose the venerable Watson-like profiles in their implementation of this technology.

FACEBOOK: The granddaddy of them all, Facebook, is using the possibilities of AI to put its social media company in the best position moving forward. The innovative Caffe2 AI technology and chatbots work to enforce user regulations and help businesses leverage the power of the massive data output that Facebook produces.