Technological advances have the world racing closer toward the implementation of artificial intelligence. Many people still envision a catastrophic, Sci-Fi type of calamity where robots take over the world. Artificial intelligence experts do not always provide substantive reassurances. However, there are ways today’s technology can improve tomorrow’s advances in artificial intelligence.


Existing technologies can help to ease fears of dramatic consequences from a malfunction by artificial intelligence. The biggest concern many have, is the actual decisions made by artificial intelligence.

While dramatic depictions of rogue robots present fodder for science fiction, actual mistakes in the decisions artificial intelligence is a real concern. Blockchain is one of the current technologies that can help prevent compromised decision-making by AI.

The basics of this involve the time-stamp component of blockchain transactions. Each has a definitive time-stamp. This provides a tool for artificial intelligence. By employing blockchain, AI developers can also safely share data and analyze intricate aspects of the decision-making process.

Off-chain storage

The second piece of important technology available today to help improve AI in the future is off-chain storage. One component of off-chain storage that is remarkably valuable is content-addressable storage (CAS). What CAS does, is tag every speck of digital content with a distinctive digital footprint.

The most important key is that this content cannot be altered by tampering with the code. Once gathered and stored, each individual piece of digital content can be searched by name. The storage location is not needed.

An example

A simple example involves the artificial intelligence proposed for self-driving cars. AI algorithms are used to design the car’s decision-making process. A merchant will have the ability to save and register the algorithm utilizing off-chain storage and blockchain technology.

Through the use of a unique key code, a digital signature will designate authentic ownership of the algorithm. All cars connected will have access to the software registered under the algorithm. Each piece of unique data, input and output can be stored using off-chain and subsequently registered using blockchain.

The process would work for all new data and continually maintain an accurate chain of ownership of the data. If artificial intelligence was the suspected cause of an accident, there would be accurate records available to analyze and correct faulty decisions.

Technology experts appreciate the value that artificial intelligence is going to offer. Understanding how current technology can help assure sound decisions is certainly a welcome innovation.

While some mistakes may be harmless, the possibility that poor decision-making as the result of AI, could be risky. Blockchain and off-chain storage systems are two of today’s technologies that are helping to improve the artificial intelligence of tomorrow.