Artificial intelligence provides digital marketing agencies with ample opportunity to help employees become more productive.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Broadly related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, or AI, specifically refers to a machine’s ability to perform cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving. It can also be extended to include the ability to analyze data, make decisions, and carry out actions based on data analysis.

How digital marketing agencies use AI

Marketing agencies use AI for ad rotation cycling and automated targeting. Google AdWords uses artificial intelligence to prioritize ads. It analyzes search terms, keywords, locations, and device types to perform statistical analysis and optimize ads that will perform better given the criteria. Similarly, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager analyzes key performance indicators, real-time bidding, and budget pacing to create an efficient and cost-effective media buying campaign.

Given the amount of targeting data that internet users make available every day, agencies can harness the power of AI to make a greater impact for their clients and for their own marketing and promotional efforts.

AI’s untapped potential

AI is not just for marketing automation. It can be deployed to make your operation more efficient by utilizing automated workflows, data analytics, and automated reporting.

Automated workflows

Communication is essential for both internal processes and client services. AI can automate functions like email communications with autoresponders from dedicated email addresses. It also makes responding to email messages and requests easily through the use of suggested responses and quick replies.

Data analytics

Combing through data, looking for data is time-consuming. AI can be programmed to find inaccuracies and outliers that can represent problems and opportunities that need to be managed.


AI is often present in dashboards and reporting features that provide statistics and historical trends that help your analysts and strategists quickly pinpoint areas of focus. It allows them to spend more time on planning and execution, rather than gathering and analysis.

Deploying AI in a digital marketing agency

Artificial intelligence increases human productivity by automating tasks like data collection and reporting. It helps employees, not replace them. AI employs technology in many forms to facilitate problem solving and service delivery. Software and cloud-based applications are already being used for account management and client reporting. Internally, AI can add to your company’s knowledge base and accelerate rudimentary task completion, leaving more time to apply expertise to improving both your bottom line and your client’s.