The world looks far different than it did just a short twenty years ago. The technology that is now second nature was once a far off, futuristic pipe dream. So, there is no reason not to believe that the future will again be filled with new developments that will change the world. That is why the following list of technologies which will change the future has been assembled. They are as follows:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence

As AI begins to be better integrated into everyday life, it will soon be apparent that it can do far more than just serve as a really fast computer. In fact, AI will someday be saving lives. There are thousands upon thousands of medical conditions that can be afflicting a patient. Far too many for one single doctor to know. That is why AI will be so influential in the medical field. AI will be able to review thousands of medical journals and research papers in a matter of minutes. This can be the difference of life and death for some patients. Doctors who work with AI programs will be able to much better serve their patients.

Internet of Things

The Internet Of Things, otherwise known as IoT, is the idea that many individual devices can be connected to one another via the internet. This allows a countless number of industries to benefit from an increase in communication. The use of IoT devices will be extremely useful for supply chain management. Some companies, such as Amazon, have already begun to use the technology to better optimize their supply chain so that robotics can be used to track where products are at all times. As other businesses begin to utilize the technology, operations will be greatly improved.


Because blockchain technologies offer a ledger of sorts without having to have a physical copy in a bank or other entity, it can be utilized to reduce carbon emissions. Paper could someday be obsolete in the financial sector, thus effectively increasing carbon-free transactions. Furthermore, because of blockchain’s state-of-the-art security system, the technology will likely aid in cutting down financial fraud well into the future.

In spite of their benefits, none of these technologies have yet to be widely adopted. While only time will tell, it will be fascinating to see just how big of an impact they will all have on the business world and beyond.