Artificial intelligence is powering almost everything and, as research continues to look for ways to improve and enhance this technology, it is applied to more aspects of everyday living. Even just two years ago, AI was something to be joked about, but, since that time, it has become almost as essential as electricity. Even so, it is still a relatively new technology and that means many companies are still trying to find out where the experts can be found.

Starting at the university level

As with any new technology, finding experts in the first few years is difficult, because high schools, colleges, and universities cannot be expected to prepare students for the unexpected. Now that AI is a fact of life, many educational institutions do have the programs designed to train students in the development and management of this technology, but those students have not flooded the job market yet. This is why many employers are turning to schools and attempting to recruit students, even before they graduate. Business leaders know to go where the talent is and, for the moment, the talent is still in school.

Acquire new tech start-up companies

This is another route your business might take, depending on the strength, size, and wealth of your business. Companies like Uber, Etsy, and Facebook have already put this method into practice, which involves buying a start-up company that already possesses the technology and talent that a company hopes to add to their own business. By acquiring an AI-focused start-up, your company can add the resources it needs without having to go through the trouble of searching for talented technicians.

Help your own employees advance

You can create AI specialists on your own, especially if you already have an IT department filled with talented and ambitious staff. You can either pay for your employees to get the education and training you desire, or you can follow Airbnb’s lead and put together your own educational program. Their Data University provides an opportunity for any employee to learn more about technology and learn how to adapt it to their specific jobs. Since implementing the program, Airbnb has developed a more positive company culture, helped their employees to become more professional, and has given everyone in the company an opportunity to expand their expertise.

By implementing one or more of these practices, you can help your company expand and incorporate artificial intelligence platforms into its day to day operations. There is every indication that AI will find its way to more aspects of business and into the lives of consumers. Having employees on hand who understand this technology and know how to interact with it will give your business an advantage over those who fail to acknowledge its importance.