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Luca Fury, a Minnesota native now based in Los Angeles, California, is the owner of Fury’s Fight Picks. Fury started the online sports betting service after spending many years placing successful bets as a full time professional gambler. Today Fury’s Fight Picks is the leader in MMA betting advice.

At the age of 22, Fury became a professional sports bettor. After working a number of years as a full time pro, Fury decided to create Fury’s Fight Picks. His years working as a professional sports bettor equipped him with a multitude of knowledge and experience. Fury started the site so that he could share this information with other bettors who enjoy MMA.

Today, as a result of his hard work and dedication, Fury’s Fight Picks has the longest running and most profitable MMA betting tips record in the industry. Fury is proud of what he has achieved so far, and he continues to work diligently to provide clients with the best online betting service. Since betting professionally and managing Fury’s Fight Picks are Fury’s sole professions, he is able to devote the majority of his time to creating successful betting tips.

Users from all over the globe recognize the quality of the Fury’s Fight Picks service. They use the site to obtain proper MMA betting advice or to tail winning UFC bets without having to worry about doing all of the legwork that goes along with finding successful betting edges. One of the best aspects of managing Fury’s Fight Picks is interacting with the people who use the site. Luca Fury often receives messages of gratitude from people who were able to pay off their student loans or purchase an expensive item with their winnings. Fury feels good knowing that his service gives anyone the opportunity to benefit from his hard work.

When Luca Fury started Fury’s Fight Picks he was one of the first people to offer a market for sharing MMA bets as part of a premium service package. However, today there are many competitors online. As a result, Fury works hard to make his service better year after year. In the future, he hopes to continue to hold his spot as the owner of the most popular MMA betting website, as well as continue to be the most popular MMA betting handicapper. Additionally, he aims to continue to maintain his place as the most profitable MMA handicapper.

Luca Fury is grateful to say that his work is also his passion and hobby. When he’s not working on his service, he is usually watching sports—a hobby that goes hand-in-hand with his profession. Fury is proud to call himself a workaholic and believes this quality contributes to the success of Fury’s Fight Picks. When users or new entrepreneurs ask Fury for advice, he stresses how important it is to pursue something that you are both good at as well as passionate about. Both of these traits must be present in order for a business to succeed. The best business strategy is to discover a niche area that others have overlooked, work diligently to create a service in that space. If you don’t take advantage of the opening you see, then it’s only a matter of time until someone else does.


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